Mamapeutics is an online massage course run by me, Sarah Yovovich, to help mamas feel good during and just after pregnancy, and to teach couples a beautiful new way to connect.

Hi, I’m Sarah Yovovich. The Sarah that had a baby.

Feeling comfortable in my body while pregnant, and recovering from my pregnancy was not easy. Since then, I've worked to make it simpler for others than it was for me. With my longtime background as a massage therapist, movement teacher, and massage teacher, I've created a resource for parents who want to deepen their connection while helping mamas feel better during and after pregnancy. I hope you like Mamapeutics!

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How this began…

I’ve always been passionate about feeling awesome, and helping other people feel awesome, and when I got ROCKED by the process of pregnancy and childbirth, it lit a fire under my already existing passion for supporting mamas through this time.

As an obsessive health and wellbeing data-collector, it felt natural to create an extensive list of all the symptoms I experienced in my pregnancy, organized by trimester. I didn’t realize I would draw on that list, and research others’ lists, to create a massage course designed to ease those discomforts — I was simply fascinated by the dramatic changes in my body, and had to write it all down.

I could hardly believe how many different kinds of discomfort I experienced in those 9 months — and how little I had heard about these symptoms beforehand. Shortness of breath, car sickness, bleeding gums? Lower back pain AFTER the baby MORE than during pregnancy? What??

And throw in the dramatic changes to my relationship with my partner — from sexy fun-time hangout buddies to the co-parents of a tiny, helpless human, and no sexual intimacy whatsoever… Good grief! As joyful as having a baby was, “overwhelmed and stressed” seemed to be the new norm for us.


When everything else seemed scary, uncertain, and difficult, the one thing that was consistently good was receiving massage from my partner, almost every night. It helped ease my pain and manage my symptoms during pregnancy, and it was the only thing that could get me to sleep after my child was born.

After 3.5 days of labor with only 2 hours sleep, I was too wired to fall asleep, staring at this miraculous new person who had suddenly exited my body. It was because my partner had been massaging me throughout my pregnancy that he knew what to do to help me unwind, and it was because of his simple, easy-to-do rub-down that I was finally able to sleep.

I taught him the techniques he uses to help me, and I want to teach you and your partner the same, simple techniques to help support mamas during and after pregnancy. I want to help you, as a couple, find a new way to connect and be intimate, when sex might be off the table for a while. Let’s take the “overwhelmed & stressed” down a notch—or twenty—and find relaxation and grounding, together. Our babies will thank us.

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If you want to get some simple massage tools to support your pregnancy and parenthood, start here.