Do You Want to Punch Spring in the Face?

Spring equinox, the peak of spring, equal parts light and dark.

Sounds balanced, but it often doesn't feel that way. All of the stored potential energy of winter “springs” up, racing toward summer. Plants sprout and bloom, animals come out of hibernation, and trees grow leaves. With all of the springing forth, and the sudden shift to a dominance of sunshine over nighttime, there comes some discomfort as well.  We wake up from the cozy hibernation of winter, done with holidays, seemingly out of excuses to be slow and relaxed, suddenly compelled to sprint towards our vision for the new year.

But, if we don’t know where we are going, don’t have a clear vision for our year or our life in general, we feel discombobulated by this sudden commotion.  A lack of clarity, along with feeling everyone else’s forward motion, can bring up a lot of anger and frustration. This anger may be about the present moment’s challenges --or it can be about situations in the past that we haven’t yet solved or processed. When we resist facing a challenge, our body will send us messages, often in the form of pain and/or tension. There’s a long list of pain messages that are particularly common results of this kind of “Spring resistance” -- aching or sharp pain in the jaw, neck, tops of the shoulders, side body, hips, knees and/or ankles, migraines, allergies, and wicked PMS are all telltale signs that we need a tune-up to get our bodies aligned with Spring.

It’s common to be confused or annoyed by these pain messages, but let’s not kill the messenger! Instead, let’s try thanking the messenger and choose to listen. If we ask our body what it needs, and then honor the answers we get from our intuition, we get relief and real healing will happen!

Anger is a particularly slippery fish, for many of us. We often choose to clench our jaws, attempt a smile and plow through instead. If that sounds familiar to you, can you take a moment to let yourself feel the anger? Easier said than done, I know. Nonetheless, anger is valid and important to feel, just like every other emotion. Some things that can help to allow anger to move through you, instead of twisting you up inside, are kickboxing, a twisty yoga class, screaming into and punching your pillows, or singing at the top of your lungs while you drive. Just get it out! You don’t even have to understand where it comes from or what to do about it -- just expressing the feeling can provide profound relief and restore your energy.

If you know it’s there, but you’ve been stuffing it down so much that it feels inaccessible, you can try this exercise.

Start by writing, “I am angry about…” and let it flow, stream of consciousness style (no punctuation or grammar necessary). Try not to judge it, and not to edit as you write.  Maybe you are angry about the political climate or the environment or frustrated with a certain dynamic with your partner that isn’t working for you, or at your mom for never going to your sporting events as a kid. Whatever it is, it’s valid, get it out on paper! You don’t ever have to show anyone, if you don’t want. You can even burn the evidence! Just let. It. Out.

Once the anger is vented through expression, we are often surprised to find that, even without “solving” the problems that inspired the anger, we can now tap into our truth and a clarity of vision. Next, try writing out what you want for your life, and where you want to go. Write it in the present tense, as if it’s already happening. This may feel a bit strange and your mind beast (that mean little self-critical voice in your head) will most likely try to talk you out of it, but do it anyways. Trust that mother nature’s Spring momentum will carry us along on a trajectory of growth, straight into that vision!

Please note, there is an important misconception about dreams coming true: that it happens like magic, easefully with the wave of a wand, with shiny rainbows and singing birds. But the truth is that when we set intentions for change -- set a goal or change careers or relationships or simply try to take a fresh perspective on ourselves -- everything that isn’t part of our new vision has to change, and it often isn't comfortable in the moment. There are growing pains.  It can feel like there’s an earthquake crumbling your life all around you, or a volcano erupting from deep inside that is destroying everything, and the good news is that it is! The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. In order for your new life to manifest, for your vision to come into reality, your current life needs to change, so it does.

This is when we need support. Ask for help. Get a coach who can help you sort through and clarify. Have healing treatments to move the stuck emotions that you are storing in your body. Go to the Korean spa and get an old skin layer scrubbed off. Hold your vision so it can continue to fully manifest for you. Trust in the process and even trust the discomfort. Like a tiny bird coming out of it’s shell or a butterfly out of it’s chrysalis, that struggle, that persevering energy to push through and emerge is necessary and, in hindsight, may be what gives us the most profound sense of accomplishment and pride. But we don’t have to do it alone. I’m here for you, if you need support. My own journey is made richer by witnessing others and offering tools to ease their process and reach their goals. So, please ask, whether you need the tension to be eased from your muscles, the creakiness oiled in your joints, the ache drained from your head, the cramps soothed from your uterus, your soul's deepest desire to be heard, or your spirit's purpose to be supported, I’m ready to help!

Message me, let's find you relief from your Spring resistance, feeling like your optimal self and into the forward flow of your desired life! Who knows, maybe you'll even want to give Spring a hug soon?