for Sarahpeutics' 8 day 5ET PRactitioner Training

This [training] gives purpose & direction to the technique of Thai massage.” 
-- Justin Bench, Certified AcroYoga™ Teacher

"Being a yoga instructor [this training] has aided my understanding of the physical body and its connections with the elements in our surroundings. When a student comes to me with pain, I have a road map to guide me to helping them help themselves.
-- Casey Stroud, Yoga & Certified AcroYoga™ Instructor

"As a practicing massage therapist, all too often I simply treat the surface symptoms of my clients’ maladies[...]This workshop opened the door to a more fulfilling, effective and holistic healing practice that has the potential to bring real change and relief to my clients." 
-- Erin Rosenthal, Licensed Massage Therapist

"A wonderful VIP tour of the human body. We cultivated a healing touch and tapped into thousands of years of knowledge to better understand our own body’s experience.
I love the instructors – I believe they are two of the most talented and intuitive bodyworkers I know. I don’t say that about everyone, nor would I care to.

Do this, feel better. I did, and you can, too."
-- Daniel Scott, Certified AcroYoga™ Teacher, danielscottyoga.com

"This course was highly recommended to me by someone I trust dearly, she said the course was life changing! Life changing?! Really?! Well, not only did the Sarahs have so much knowledge and love to share, the course for me truly was life changing!! The connections and shared experiences were amazing! I came out with a deeper understanding of Thai massage and eastern medicine practices then you could ever imagine you would learn in just 7 days! ...My friends and family have all commented on my new outlook and perspective on... well, everything."
-- Jennifer Cooper, Massage Therapist

"[The training] opened my mind and body in ways I didn't know possible. I feel that I can take better care of myself and clients, at a whole new level. Once you learn what a person's element is, you can understand the constitution of their body and sooo much more!"
-- Casey Marino, Massage Therapist

"It is the most inspiring learning environment I have ever been in: full of laughter, love and creativity."
-- A.S., Yoga Teacher

"You have given me the tools to help others, but more importantly the chance to heal myself!"
-- Alex Mannos, Forrest Yoga Teacher & Artist

"The Sarahs completely blew me away with their ability to mold the material to beginners & experienced practitioners alike. They make such a magical team and this only strengthens the powerful material they have to offer."
-- Christina Korpik, Chinese Medicine Student / Writer

"This [training] revolutionized my approach to bodywork. The Five Elements have revealed ‘unexplained’ ‘mysteries’ and coincidental injuries, illnesses, and habits to be part of a cycle that is easy to see and start to balance."
-- Amelia Adams, Actress, Desk Monkey, Clown

"I would love to do it again, and again, and again. [This] training was such a wonderfully blissful immersive experience. Coming into the training my previous experience was more in Thai Massage so this was a great way to introduction myself to Chinese Medicine and how the two are interrelated. As a hands on kinesthetic learner it was also great to able to to apply the Chinese medicine theories immediately and directly to real physical bodies as well as feel the effects of the work internally inside my own body."
-- Tara Quinn, Contortionist & AcroYoga Teacher

"The [training] was fantastic! I feel more awareness in body, mind and spirit. The teachers are inspirational and led the course work clearly with a great sense of joy, humor and compassion. I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of this workshop. Thank you Sarahpeutics, for sharing your many gifts! It's tough to put into words all the subtle shifts that have occurred. Metta magic indeed!"
-- Tina K., Teacher