Welcome to Mamapeutics!

An online massage course for pregnancy and postpartum,

helping parents feel good and connect during this BIG transition.


Feel Great

Alleviate Aches

Strengthen Your Relationship

Build Intimacy

I’m here to tell you that you can!

Learn simple massage techniques

that don’t require a table or oil, 

to keep a mama happy 

and connect with your partner.


  • Mamas, you’re worried about being super uncomfortable during pregnancy, or you already ARE uncomfortable…
  • You’re concerned about how your partnership will hold up under the stresses of parenthood…
  • You don’t know how you’ll cope without sexual intimacy, postpartum…
  • You love to physically connect with your partner, and want to support them…


That’s what inspired me to start teaching parents how to use massage to stay healthy, and find intimacy in a beautiful new way — to keep them feeling good through the life-changing, joyful-but-exhausting journey of creating new life.

I’ve been sad to know many parents who split up a year or two after having a baby. My own relationship certainly felt like it was on the rocks a number of times, due to:

  • Scant guidance on wellness for pregnancy and especially postpartum—yes, we get lots of coaching on taking care of baby, but mamas are left drained and in pain
  • A lack of examples of non-sexual intimacy—other ways to physically & emotionally connect
  • Insufficient fun opportunities for parents to learn constructive communication



The Mamapeutics course is the first of its kind.

A massage course specifically made for expectant parents!

Detailed, practical training and resources 

to support prenatal and postpartum wellbeing 

and a strong partnership, 

so you have the energy to show up as your best self 

for each other and your babies.

A crucial part of this is having parent-specific community support to cheer each other on, and reach your potential, day by day.

 This Course teaches parents how to thrive, during this transition and for the rest of your lives.

Imagine there was a new way to find intimacy and loving connection, while easing the stresses of pregnancy…

What if pregnancy and childbirth didn’t have to create a loss of intimacy between you and your partner?

What if you had the tools you needed to keep both of your bodies happy and running smoothly, even with the challenges of bringing a life into the world?

 This is why I made Mamapeutics:

An accessible and digestible guide to prenatal and postpartum massage, and gives expectant parents tools they need to stay healthy — physically and emotionally — during the wild transition into parenthood.

Learn techniques perfect for pregnancy and postpartum, which require no special equipment or oils, done fully clothed, and designed to feel good to the GIVER as well as the receiver!

First we’ll establish simple communication tools so that your massages start out great and only get better.

Then we’ll learn foundational techniques that feel amazing and give you confidence and joy in your journey to proficiency. 

Finally, we’ll follow bite size steps to learn massage techniques that you can use anytime to heal and connect — that will serve you not just in pregnancy, but also in the (under-discussed) postpartum period, and for the rest of your lives!

Ready to dive in?

Here’s what we’ll cover:


Tools for efficient and easy nonverbal communication, and a simple plan for communication before, during, and after massage. We set up for constructive feedback, avoiding relationship stress patterns. This part is like a very efficient crash course in couples’ therapy, and practicing these principles will not only guarantee great massages, it’ll help you up your relationship game, all around.


Follow along to set up a massage station (using things you already have at home), and warm up with a 12 minute stretch session that gets your body ready to massage and serves as a great prenatal yoga sequence.


Follow along with the videos to learn prenatal massage techniques that build upon one another, in short, easy to digest sequences. Learn to give a massage that’s beneficial for the giver as well as the receiver! Find new sensitivity to your partner, and a whole new mode of physical and emotional connection. All while relieving stress and tension. 

Keep doing the same sequence over and over to find deeper and deeper relief and connection. As you’re ready, continue through the videos to learn increasingly playful ways to dance together, in this healing relaxation practice. 

And translate these tools to the most convenient possible format — on your sofa! Learn two massage sequences from the comfort of your couch, no setup required. This can become your nightly ritual, and will become so easeful and familiar that you can massage while unwinding with a favorite TV show. A great way to connect after a day of parenting, and set yourselves up for quality sleep before bed.


All of the prenatal techniques will serve you, after baby comes, when you’re unlikely to have much time to learn new things. Your investment in learning the prenatal massage will pay off big time, postpartum! The specifically postnatal videos are super short and efficient, and can even be done while the giver holds the baby or while the mama is nursing.

Get started!  Warm up, communicate, and learn an efficient massage sequence to detangle tension in the back, shoulder, neck, and head.

If you want to feel great in your body,

and make sure you and your partner stay connected during the transition to parenthood,

learning tools to keep you well in pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond,

then you’re ready to sign up for Mamapeutics! 

For less than the cost of 2 massages, you get unlimited massages for life!


  • 2 massage sequences you can give while you hold the baby in a carrier ($20 value)
  • 2 massage sequences designed to feel good (to give and receive) for a pregnant person to give to their partner ($20 value)
  • Techniques to help induce labor ($10 value)
  • New content and articles added regularly to deepen your practice
  • Expert support from the creator—get your questions answered 
  • 20% discount on private online instruction sessions (through Zoom) to support your unique needs ($30 value)


Is massage safe during pregnancy?

A great guideline is: Don’t start new physical activities when you’re pregnant. If you have never received any massage before, then now is not the time to start. If you have received massage, then you have a reference for how it can feel great, and how much pressure you like. Now is an ideal time to get lots of practice feeling great!

What are the benefits of prenatal massage?

Bottom line: Anything that reduces stress is great for your overall health and that of your growing baby. According to scientific studies, prenatal massage can:

  • improve mood, 
  • reduce swelling, 
  • relieve nerve pain (including sciatica), 
  • decrease back and leg pain, 
  • decrease levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine, 
  • and -- my favorite -- it can improve sleep.
Is prenatal massage difficult or domplicated?

No! Pregnant people’s bodies work so hard to create life. The stress on the body is off the charts! So pregnant folks are often more ready to receive massage than ever before, and the simplest and gentlest of techniques feel amazing during pregnancy. 

Mamas need to be nourished, supported, and loved, to thrive in the process of growing and caring for a new human. For those of us who get to provide that nourishment, we find that a Mama’s gratitude is infectious—we, the givers, find ourselves grateful to be a part of the magic.

Is this course only for parents?

No! This course is great for anyone who wants to support a pregnant person through massage. There is no nudity or sexual content, just simple instruction on therapeutic touch. My 4 year old loves doing the massage videos on me!


About Me

I’m Sarah Yovovich, Mamapeutics course creator. Feeling comfortable in my body while pregnant, and recovering from my pregnancy was not easy.

Since then, I’ve worked to make it simpler for others than it was for me. With my longtime background as a massage therapist (17 years), movement teacher (29 years), and massage teacher (12 years), I’ve created a resource for parents who want to deepen their connection while helping mamas feel better during and after pregnancy.


I’ve always been passionate about feeling awesome, and helping other people feel awesome, and when I got ROCKED by the process of pregnancy and childbirth, it lit a fire under my already existing passion for supporting mamas through this time.

As an obsessive health and wellbeing data-collector, it felt natural to create an extensive list of all the symptoms I experienced in my pregnancy, organized by trimester. I didn’t realize I would draw on that list, and research others’ lists, to create a massage course designed to ease those discomforts — I was simply fascinated by the dramatic changes in my body, and had to write it all down.

I could hardly believe how many different kinds of discomfort I experienced in those 9 months — and how little I had heard about these symptoms beforehand. Shortness of breath, car sickness, bleeding gums? Lower back pain AFTER the baby MORE than during pregnancy? What??

And throw in the dramatic changes to my relationship with my partner — from sexy fun-time hangout buddies to the co-parents of a tiny, helpless human, and no sexual intimacy whatsoever… Good grief! As joyful as having a baby was, “overwhelmed and stressed” seemed to be the new norm for us.

When everything else seemed scary, uncertain, and difficult, the one thing that was consistently good was receiving massage from my partner, almost every night. It helped ease my pain and manage my symptoms during pregnancy, and it was the only thing that could get me to sleep after my child was born.

After 3.5 days of labor with only 2 hours sleep, I was too wired to fall asleep, staring at this miraculous new person who had suddenly exited my body. It was because my partner had been massaging me throughout my pregnancy that he knew what to do to help me unwind, and it was because of his simple, easy-to-do rub-down that I was finally able to sleep.

I taught him the techniques he uses to help me, and I want to teach you and your partner the same, simple techniques to help support mamas during and after pregnancy. I want to help you, as a couple, find a new way to connect and be intimate, when sex might be off the table for a while. Let’s take the “overwhelmed & stressed” down a notch—or twenty—and find relaxation and grounding, together. Our babies will thank us.